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Automated Lead Response System

Guaranteed to improve your closing ratios

Change the way you speak with your leads

Red Umbrella SEO has developed an innovative process to speak with any potential buyer that comes to your website. Every single time a consumer is curious enough to submit information to your lead form, it triggers an automatic call to your sales team through our software. Your sales team will then be instantly connected to your client, removing any opportunity for a decrease of interest from your potential customer.

Too often do leads get handled poorly. Over 63% of leads never get contacted. A large percentage of the remaining 37% reach the customer after too much time has passed, allowing second guesses on the product/service, or ample time to shop competitors.

Quit throwing business away. Contact us now to see how we can bring the speed to your leads and help skyrocket your closing ratios.

Step 1

A potential client enters their information into your website's contact form.

Step 2

When the potential client hits submit, a phone call is triggered to your sales team.

Step 3

Your sales team is prompted to dial 1 on the phone pad to be connected to the client.

Step 4

Catch your client while they're still in buying mode. Close the deal.

What are you waiting for? Contact our sales staff now before another lead loses interest!

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